Pashupati "Poltu" Chatterji

I'm a humor novelist, cartoonist and singer-songwriter based in Bangalore, India. Welcome to my home page. You'll find here information about my books, cartoon strips, and songs.

This is also the home of Perl's Script: The Perl Series, a series of humor novels about the adventures of Perl and Hari: technologists, entrepreneurs, restauranteurs, scientific-detectives.


WINNER: Chanson Sans Frontière 2014

    I am the 2014 winner for this French songwriting competition !!! Read more about it on my blog in English and French.


Cartoonist in Residence in Lyon

  In June 2014, I was 'Cartoonist in Residence' at Alliance Française de Lyon, in France. Read more about it on my blog in English and French.


Good God - The Book!

At last it is out - the book version of my weekly cartoon strip, "Good God!", which I post on my blog. For more details, <<click here>> 

NEW: Now as E-BOOK!!!


Mon Dieu - Le Livre!

Enfin c’est là ! La version livre de ma BDhebdomadaire "Mon Dieu", qui se déroule sur mon blog. Pour plus d'info, <<cliquez ici>>

NOUVEAU: E-Book disponible! 


Perl and the Sacred Ashtray

The first volume in the Perl Series has been published recently on Amazon. The others are on the way. Buy >> Here

Read more about Perl and the Sacred Ashtray >> Here

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Sacred Ashtray Album


Perl and the Sacred Ashtray is what I call a "Musical Novel". There is an album to go with it. Take a listen to the Sacred Ashtray songs >> Here

Perl and the Exploding Buffalo

The second volume in the Perl Series has been published recently on Amazon. More are on the way. Buy >> Here

Read more about Perl and the Exploding Buffalo >> Here


Perl's Script: The Perl Series

  Perl's Script Series

Perl's Script is my 'magnum opus', my life's work! It is a series of comedy adventure novels tossed in lashings of Wodehousean humor with a light garnish of Science Fiction - a very light garnish: enough to pique the senses without overpowering the palate. If science and technology is not your thing, relax. The plots rest on zany situation, bizarre but lovable characters and comic cross-talk. The two lead protagonists - Perl and Hari - just "happen" to be tech guys. After all, I am an engineer too and I put a bit of myself into Perl and Hari. But Perl prefers to put 'Scientific Detective' and 'Fashion Designer' on her business card; Hari would much rather call himself proprietor of a kind-of-French restaurant cum budding novelist than software guy (a bit like me, I suppose). Their adventures have very, very little to do with technology - involving as they do warring yoga gurus, buffalo bombs, singing cows and alien rock musicians, among other things. But their tech background does help them, when they get into tight situations. Perl can solve most problems with a bit of software and lots of skulduggery.

Read more about the Perl series >> Here

Other Books, Blog...


And besides the Perl Series, I have written other humor books and graphic novels, and run a comic strip on my blog and post humorous pieces on it.

Learn about my other literary work >> Here

Check out my blog Pen-Slinger >> Here

Going Up the Downturn

A humorous look at surviving a downturn. Available now on Amazon.

For more information on Going Up the Downturn, see >> Here

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Volumes 3 and 4 of Perl's Script are now also available on Amazon!!

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Learn more about Perl and the Last of the Neanderthals

Learn more about Perl and the Psychotic Mutant Space Cattle