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This is the Author’s CV I use in my books. For a more long-winded and self-indulgent version, click on these links:- 
Growing Up...

The Writing of the Perl Series
Wodehouse and I

Official CV:

Pashupati “Poltu” Chatterji is in his forties. He describes himself as an overgrown teenager and an incurable Wodehouse addict. He spent the early part of his childhood in Africa, and later in Rajasthan, India. He grew up listening to the Goon Show and the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy on BBC, and reading and re-reading the saga of Bertie Wooster and Lord Emsworth as the revealed gospel – something he continues doing to this day. All this deeply influences his humor writing. Other than the Perl books, he has written a humorous New Age book, some humor non-fiction and graphic novels. He is also a fairly useful cartoonist. He credits his Australian teacher at a Christian missionary school in Africa for imparting her enthusiasm for the comic strip, and revealing the inner beauty of the very best comic strips that takes them beyond being merely funny. Poltu considers Charles Schulz and Peanuts amongst his biggest influences – not only for the artwork, but also for Schulz’s approach to life, humor and storytelling.

In his former life, Poltu was, like Perl and Hari, a software engineer and manager based out of Bangalore. He worked almost two decades in German MNCs, including long stints in Munich. He has a number of technological innovations to his credit. Like Hari, Poltu managed to get himself laid off in 2006 in order to concentrate on his writing. In the story, Hari gives up on his writing in despair and gets together with Perl to create a tech startup. Poltu too – in moments of panic – got together with disparate bunches of guys (no Perl, unfortunately) to launch various ventures. But he backed off each time to persist with his writing. Writing about fellows who DO THINGS is a lot less stressful than doing it yourself, he has found. Perl too is drawn from real life. Possibly because Poltu, like Hari, is a harmless, muddle-headed ass, he seems to draw strong, colorful, protective women like moths to the flame. Perl has elements drawn from all the wonderful women who have loved him, helped him and guided him at various points in his life.

Poltu maintains a humor blog called Pen-Slinger (http://www.poltusworld.com/blog) where he posts his cartoons and short comic pieces. Poltu is training to be a Blues guitarist. His musical influences are Muddy Waters, Lightnin’ Hopkins, BB King and Hendrix.

Poltu speaks English, German, French, Hindi, Bengali and smatterings of Kannada, Marathi and Swahili. He lives in Bangalore. He is divorced, without children.