Perl’s Script: Coda

Perl’s Script: Coda

Volume-7 in the Perl's Script Series

Right now I have just the broad concept in place. I plan to go out with a bang - this will be even more massive than Murdered Milkmaker and even more ambitious in its scope. Delving deeper into the ancient history of planet Liverpool - and the links with Earth go further back than anyone suspected. I'll take it up when I finish the Murdered Milkmaker-Milky Soup duo. Possibly by end 2014. When will it be published.... God Knows...maybe 2016

The above cover art is a place-holder. The published version will probably be a bit different.

As you’ll see from the cover, although the book hasn’t yet been written, the prescient folks at Telangana Herald have already had their say…

Telangana Herald: Yet another book,hopefully the last one