Going Up the Downturn

22 Strategies for surviving the Downturn

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Is the recession making you blue? This book is just what the doctor ordered.


Twenty-two sure-shot strategies for dealing with the downturn!!!


Follow them and you’re sure to get shot.


Written by your friendly, neighborhood career consultant on probation from the friendly,neighborhood asylum.


A humorous look at living in a recession. Will the strategies in this book help you deal with your real-life problems? Possibly not. On the other hand, it will certainly cheer you up, and in these grim times you can use all the cheering-up coming to you, no? And who knows, while you are laughing, you may realize your troubles are actually a blessing in disguise.




Available in eBook and Paperback. The Paperback Edition Contains THREE BONUS pieces and cartoons.



Extract from Strategy 13: Start a revolution


Seeing not the dimmest hope of a job on the horizon, your thoughts turn lightly to commerce. Why not start my own company, you think? Then I can have fun laying off my own employees.

This is actually a good idea, but to succeed in business, you need a revolutionary new product. Say you want to get into men’s underclothing – your only specialization – you need to come up with a revolutionary – not revolting – new underwear that will bring the Y-Front clad hoards screaming into your retail outlet, trampling three innocent bystanders in the process.

But instead of all that sweat of thinking up a new product,why don’t you consider starting a revolution itself? No, I don’t mean a revolution in men’s personal clothing – I mean a real, honest-to-goodness blood-and-gore revolution. Think Stalin. Think Mussolini. Think Mao Tse Tung.

Ugh, you say. Revolutions… aren’t they somewhat… unpleasant?

 NO, my friend, a Thousand times NO!

Revolutions are unpleasant only if you land up at the wrong end of one. The whole point of a revolution, like so many things in this world, is to be at the right end of it. Take, for example, a pork chop. Ask the pig what it feels like to be at the wrong end of a knife and fork.

If you start one yourself, revolutions can be surprisingly fun, instructive – and profitable. Ask Stalin. Ask Mussolini. Ask Mao.



Buy Going Up the Downturn

Read Sample Chapters (Initial pages and Strategies 13 and 19)