The Raving Lunatic's Guide to Life, Love & Happiness

The Raving Lunatics Guide - Book Cover

On Being Happy...

This is the first complete book I ever wrote - it was my first step into the literary world. It was written at a very low period in my life, when I was thinking bright, cheerful thoughts involving cynide, a bullet in the brain and jumping off the nearest cliff. And I got thinking about the meaning of life, love and happiness, and all those other deep things you think about when you're down - one tends to be rather shallow in ones thinking when happy, does one not? Not content thinking those thoughts, I put them down in the form of a humorous New Age book, on the vague assumption that fellows might be willing to shell out as much as $ 2.99 a pop for reading my thoughts - a penny being the normal tariff. Besides, writing it helped me get out of my depression - possibly the cheerful thought that I was going to inflict the stuff on others had something to do with it. Anyhow, the experience of writing it made me decide to throw up a soulless corporate existence and turn full-time humor novelist and musician. It was also when I started cartooning - I wanted cartoons to go with the book and I couldn't find anyone to do half-way decent cartoons for me at the price I was willing to pay - so I decided to teach myself cartooning. So this book was a kind of turning point in my life in many, many ways, whatever be its literary merits.

It never got published - I sent it around to about a hundred publishers and editors and got myself a nice little pile of rejection notes that came in handy for lining the garbage can. I do think it is a charming little book, which will make you laugh a little, think a little... someday I'll self-publish it. Since I wrote it a long time ago, I guess I'll have to do some extensive rewriting, though.