Perl and the Milky Soup

Perl and the Milky Soup

Volume-6 in the Perl's Script Series

A follow on from 'Murdered Milkmaker'. At the end of MM, I plan to leave Perl and Hari in a piquant position, which will get resolved in this volume. It is basically a part of the MM plotline, but I've broken it into two novels as MM was turning out to be too huge. This particular volume may be quite slim, compared to MM.


Right now, I just have a loose scenario. I'll start work on it after I finish Murdered Milkmaker. I expect to be finished by end 2013, beginning 2014, if MM stays on track.


But that hasn't stopped Telangana from having it's say...

Telangana Herald: It’s a book! It’s a book! It’s abook!