Perl and the Case of theMurdered Milkmaker

Perl and the Case of the Murdered Milkmaker

Volume-5 in the Perl's Script Series

I'm in the middle of writing this. I hope to be finished by mid 2013. Unlike the other Perl books, which are the 'standard novel' size, this is turning out to be a massive door-stopper of a book - one of those bulky things that can be used to kill rats. My most ambitious Perl noevel yet, with multiple flashbacks, multiple narrators, multiple points of views, layered history - the works.


The Ruby Storm Murder Investigation Team lands on planet Liverpool – or rather, their brains do, in the bodies of three well-nourished Liverpudlian opera singers. Their client: no less than the president of Liverpool himself, one Ringo Starr, former drummer of the defunct rock group, the B.Tels and P. McCartney, now proprietor of a leading Liverpudlian travel agency. Their task: to investigate the bumping-off of one G. Harrison, their client’s one-time buddy and lead guitarist.


But to unearth the perpetrator of this vile deed, Perl, Hari and Mata will have to dig deep into the ancient history of planet Liverpool. Like archeologists, they sift through Liverpool’s murky past, peeling away layer upon layer of an odiferous onion.


But can they drill down to the Ugly Secret at its core quickly enough to prevent a nasty counter-revolution upturning the gentle placidity of present-day Liverpool and putting their clients and them on the waiting line for the guillotine?

Telangana Herald: Yup, we’re on the right track – it’s a book!