My Songs

The Perl novels are whatI like to call 'Musical Novels' - they come with a set of songs. That is because, other than prose, I love writing song lyrics too (although, funnily enough, I detest "Poetry" in double quotes, and "Poets" freak me out). And being an OK-ish singer and a middling guitarist, I like to record my songs myself. And having recorded them, having this sadistic streak somewhere behind my benign countenance, I like to inflict them on the unsuspecting public. 

On this page you'll find links to the albums that go with the Perl novels. Right now,there is just the 'Sacred Ashtray Album, but I  eventually I hope to have here an album for all or most of the Perl novels. And possibly non-Perl music too, later. I write songs in French too, once in a while, and I might post them here eventually.

Sacred Ashtray Album Sleeve  You can listen to the 'SacredAshtray Album' >> Here 

Do have a listen. Jokes apart, they are not really so bad. If nothing else, the lyrics are great, even if I say so myself. I'm rather proud of the lyrics. Although I like to call myself Singer-Songwriter, I'm more Songwriter than Singer - like most people who call themselves singer-songwriters, I suppose.