Perl's Script: The Perl Series

The saga of Perl and Hari - technologists, entrepreneurs,restauranteurs, scientific-detectives - in seven convenient volumes. Join Perl and Hari on their adventures as they get together, found a technology enterprise that specializes in Sacred Ashtray machines and get caught in the crossfire between warring yoga gurus. Share a meal with them as they burn a restaurant down and start one of their own, get caught up with a homicidal French cook, Japanese spies, and a movie-mad terrorist group dedicated to the overthrow of the Indian State and the establishment of matinee idol Rajni-Can as king. Drag after them through the humid, musty rain forests of Borneo on the search of a missing Neanderthal research specimen. Rack your brains with them as they solve the mystery of the musical cows - and along with it the great party-hats mystery. Sit in on their inter-galactic teleconference with an alien Beatles cover group - although the extra-terrestrial musicians in question would deeply resent being called aliens - for are we not, they would say, all members of a universal brotherhood of beings? - to solve the mysterious murder of one of their troupe.


And how, you ask, do I get my sweaty hands on these historical volumes?


Arrayed above, you see the dusty leather-boundjackets of these tomes.  Click on them for more information on each individual book.


As on August 2012, only "Sacred Ashtray' is published. But the following three are all written up, and I'll be publishing them at two months intervals after a quick final round of typographic checks.The fifth one: "Perl and the Case of the Murdered Milkmaker'', I'm working on right now. It should be finished by mid 2013. The last two are still inscenario stage - expect them in 2014 and 2015.


The Songs: Most of the Perl books are 'Musical Novels' - that is to say, I've written songs to go with them. Right now, there is just the Sacred Ashtray album. Check out the songs >>Here

The Writing of the Perl Series: To know more about how the Perl Series was written, click >> Here

Perl's Menagerie: For a short bio and cartoon of all the colorful characters that populate the Per Novels, click >> Here


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