Searching for Godot 

Searching for Godot - Book Cover

Searching for Godot/ En Recherchant Godot - Graphic Novel

This is an Anglo-French Graphic Novel that I had posted in episodes on my Blog starting from May 2010. It's about a Frenchman searching for his lost brother in India, and the adventures he gets up to. Someday I'll package it into an eBoook. Until then, you can read it for free on my blog >> Here

I've put convenient navigation aids in the posts. The above link takes you to the first post, and you can press 'Next' to read through the book in serial order, rather than in reverse-chronological blog order. Do let me know what you think. Does it make sense to publish this as an eBook? Do I need to pad it out a bit or improve the artwork or something to release it commercially?