Neanderthal Songs

Like the other novels in the Perl series, Perl and the Last of the Neanderthals is what I like to call a 'Musical Novel' - that is to say, it is a regular humor novel with five song chapters. And, very rashly, instead of leaving it at that, I'm actually gonna attempt singing them. When I've finished making a hash of recording them, you'll find the cold leftovers on this page, in the form of freely downloadable mp3.

At the present moment, I haven't yet gotten around to recording any of the five songs, although I have worked out the tunes for a couple. 

What I DO have, right now, is a bonus song. Like the Sacred Ashtray Album, I plan to add a couple of bonus songs to the 'Neanderthal Songs' album, which don't actually appear as song chapters in the novel and have nothing whatsoever to do with the plot.

I know, it's a bit ironic that I have a bonus song in place and not the main songs. What can I say? Mother Inspiration does not work in strictly linear order.

Check out the song below. 

I plan to have the rest of the songs on this page before the year is out. Join me on Twitter (@poltuchat) or on Facebook, or subscribe to my blog (pen-slinger) to be informed when I upload the remaining songs.

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A Shot of Sylvie 

"A Shot of Sylvie" came about when the famed Swiss Jazz Singer Sylvie Bourban came down to my hometown for a gig, at the local Alliance Française. In a word, she blew my mind (OK, that's three words). She revolutionized my whole concept of what Jazz singing - or even singing itself, for that matter - was all about. It didn't feel like singing - I felt as though she was speaking to me personally with each line and each phrase. And probably everyone else in the audience felt the same way. And yet it was singing. Singing of a very high order.

And when I got home, I wrote this little song in her honor - A Shot of Sylvie. And I made a video to go with it. Yes, I did send it to her before posting it here. I told her I admired her greatly. She was gracious enough to say she admired me too. She admired the fact that I admired her. Which was fine. We have all the elements here for a mutual admiration society.

Even better - I wheedled her into agreeing to sing for a couple of the Neanderthal Songs, which are written for a female singer. So, boys and girls, you have a treat in store - instead of my horrid, squeaky voice, at least for a couple of songs, you're gonna get one of the finest voices of recent times.

Here are a couple of her songs that drilled ventilation shafts through my brain...

Avec le temps - it helps if you know French for this song, but you ought to enjoy it even if you don't

In my secret life - her take of the Leonard Cohen song

OK, nuff said... now on to my song...

Can't follow my mumbling? OK, here are the Lyrics ...

And here is the mp3 version, if you want to download...

The mp3 contains the FULL VERSION of the song, including two long guitar breaks. The solos were removed from the video because people felt the original video was too long at 8 minutes for the impatient 'Internet Generation'. Hopefully, the Internet Generation is marginally more patient when listening to mp3 on their headphones...